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How about getting the INSANITY – MACABRE Free Download and wipe the boredom away. Dive yourself in the world of fear and make it through life like a pro.



INSANITY – MACABRE is ready for you just now. It’s a reboot Fan game of the 2015 version made by Salvage. This latest game now features a better build in storyline and gameplay.

You will find in INSANITY – MACABRE more than 11 nights that you have to survive with which are secret endings. If the cardboard theater was nothing special in the last version, now it looks better. The game packs 14 animatronics and 5 game modes. There are a few characters you can download and a custom night.

Yes, it’s classic gameplay where you run, hide, and defeat the evil monsters. But INSANITY is an insane game. Take advantage of the cameras to observe in the dark. Though many of the devices are broken, there is some that function.

Not only the gameplay but the sound effect and songs are also what creep you out. Keep your mind awake and run when an animatronic is just right in front of you. Darkness now can’t even be compared to the terrific monsters that are ready to kill you.


by: Pyro_Scar @Pyroscar

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