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Insanity will bring you a bigger nightmare. You will need to end your life in this version. All the FNAF Songs will be in this version, so you don’t need to download them from others.

Insanity Free Download

Insanity Free Download

Insanity is a game, and it will be like the original game. You will see some machines in this game; they have appeared in other games you play. This monster will look like a fan-made version, but it will be more innovative.

The battle of your game will not start until you move to the next night. The first night will not be as scary as the other night. We will give you some time to gather all the materials you need for your fight. And then you will need to use them to kill your monsters.

FNAF Songs in this game will be different, and they are unique, some from fan games. So you will need to add them all to your game. Each time you start your game, you will see these songs come up. And you will need to remember which song is up. That will help you to make your gameplay easier. Each monster will stick to a song.

Insanity Free Download is ready. Get it when you still have a chance.


by: Salvage. @Saalvage

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