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Inside My Head: Part 1 Free Download will be about your dream when the time on the clock hits midnight. FNaF fan-game will soon bring you the best horror game ever.

Inside My Head: Part 1 Free Download
Inside My Head: Part 1

About Inside My Head: Part 1

Inside My Head: Part 1 Download is done. You can download this game from the big fan page.

How to kill Chica: This is a monster from FNAF games, and you can kill him with the shock device.

Players can get this when they come to some rooms in the game. And there will also be some other tools for killing machines.

How to kill Bonnie: He will come for you, but you can stun him by sound. Players can play the FNaF fan-game songs and then make the machines stop.

After that, you can buy some time and get to the escape way. Of course, there will be other ways for you to kill him, but that is the best one.

Inside My Head: Part 1 is the best horror game we have for you. There will be some updates that we can make and add to your game. Follow us, and we will bring you all the needed adjustments. Horror night is yours, and this will be your job to finish it.


by: NidiGames @NidiGames

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