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Jerry’s Nightshift Chapter 2: Underground APK For Android Free Download tells you a horror story. In this story, you will meet your FNAF for Android nightmare.

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Jerry’s Nightshift Chapter 2: Underground for Android will always open for you. The players of this page will have all the updates as soon as they have been uploaded to the page.

Tell me the story:

You are a son of a creator, and your father has created some machines. They all help the Pizza restaurant in the town run business well. But one day, your father leaves this place and gives you a message about what could happen.

He warns you about the horror store, and that will be the place you should not get close to. FNAF for Android gives you hints about your father missing. And your job will be to find out the truth about this case. You have no other choice but to jump into this horror place and solve this mystery story.

Jerry’s Nightshift Chapter 2: Underground for Android has only two nights for you. But we think there will be fun if you can enjoy these nights and wait for other updates. So we will soon bring you this one!


by: Skillsheros @Skillsheros

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