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Jerry’s Nightshift Chapter 2: Underground Free Download will bring you two nights. And you need to complete them all before moving to the next FNAF fan games night.

Jerry’s Nightshift Chapter 2: Underground Download is now open, and you can enjoy the two nights in this game.

The night 1:

On this night, players have to keep themselves safe from the machines and move to the water room. This will be where you fix some pipes and let the water keep going in your place. Or the machines will soon destroy it and also the electricity.

The night 2:

This night will be harder to complete and if you have some struggle with it, come to the main page. We will have some notes that help you with that night.

Jerry’s Nightshift Chapter 2: Underground asks you to move to the delivery point. This is where you start your new mission. And also, you will need to avoid facing Jerry. He is the challenge you have to overcome tonight.

FNAF games will send you more nights to fight and keep yourself safe. But right now, we only have two nights for you to play. Add the main page so we can give you the updates you need.


by: Skillsheros @Skillsheros

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