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JOLLY 3: Chapter 1 is a horror game where players have to fight with a bee. This bee is not a normal one, it is a machine puppet, and its job is to make people feel happy. But that will never be done by these monsters. Anyone who steps into this restaurant will be welcome, but this bee will do terrible things with them after that. This is not a normal bee, it is made from iron and steel. This game will give you some new monsters along with this bee. You can fight not only one but many of them. And you are the only one can save yourself from this horror restaurant.

JOLLY 3: Chapter 1 Free Download
JOLLY 3: Chapter 1 Free Download

First, he will lead you to a special room where all his friends have to wait for you there. Your happy song will sing out loud and then when you are in your high mode. It kills you! No way out is what people said to you. But be strong. You will have your chance to run out of this terrible place.

The FNAF Games are all free games for PC users. If you need a mobile game, you can check out for more on our page. This game only works on Windows. Download JOLLY 3: Chapter 1 free now to see the world of monsters and mystery secrets!


by: IvanG @IvanG

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