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JOLLY 3: Chapter 2 is the sequel to JOLLY 3: Chapter 1. Download the new FNAF APK game for Android for free and embark on another horror challenge!

JOLLY 3: Chapter 2 APK for Android download free

JOLLY 3: Chapter 2

Similar to the first entry, your story will take place in a dark building. Perhaps, your part-time job has not been finished yet.

In Chapter 2, you will have to spend the other five nights in that abandoned facility one more time. Remember that there is an atrocious discovery you have never seen before!

Like predecessors in the JOLLY series, your mission is to keep your life safe from scary creatures.

How to play

You can leave the office and roam throughout the location freely. Meanwhile, you are recommended to pay attention to supervising everything via security cameras’ screens.

Be careful! The enemy knows how to hide, seek, and grab you once they seize the right opportunity.

Along with the surveillance system, you can make use of other devices as your weapons.

In Custom Night, you are allowed to visit areas in the base.

JOLLY 3: Chapter 2 APK for Android is a survival FNAF-inspired fan game. The only objective is to stay alive. Launch that match and attempt to achieve the goal!


by: IvanG @IvanG

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