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JOLLY APK for Android is a good free download Five Nights at Freddy’s-inspired fan game. Play against all of the animatronics in Jolly’s Fantasy World and survive!

JOLLY APK for Android download free

JOLLY Android (APK)

It takes place in a popular location where everybody including kids can eat and plan a party. Jolly – a favorite bee will help them, along with his gang.

However, everything you see in the daytime is only a part of the story. The real secret will happen at night. It’s also the period of time that you can witness a significant change.

Role & challenges

You are a part-time employee. Your working hours have been extended and you will have to complete your job for five nights.

Don’t ignore phone calls because they can reveal something related to mysteries in the building! Additionally, you should join mini-games to understand the reason.

So, you are a security guard at a destination in which power is not infinite. But, your mission is to prevent roaming animatronic mascots from catching you. Or, you will be killed.


Choose the generator to charge power.

Push the elevator upwards if one scary creature might use it.

If everything fails, quickly shut the door!

JOLLY is a horror FNAF APK game for Android that you should try out. It’s the first installment of the JOLLY series.


by: Денис Грянка


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