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LoveCraft: A Minecraft Visual Novel Free Download will be the game that you have to work to win. This game needs your brain to work and try to find a way to win.

What should players do?

Many characters will appear in the gameplay, and only one can help you with the battle. So you need to stay with that guy and do just like what he told you. He will lead you through the game and the story. Come to win!

Story for players:

In this game, you will be a strange guy who has been thrown into a horror world. You need to stay alive overnight and fight with some monsters. 

The night will soon come, and the forest will be full of monsters. They go for you because there are no people here but you. Your human smell has attracted them. 

The NPCs will show you the way to win. But they will also block you from getting your victory. 

LoveCraft: A Minecraft Visual Novel gives you more chances to fight your fear. And if you want to win them, you need to work as hard as possible. The winning chance will be slight, and the longer you stay, the harder it is to get your win. 

LoveCraft Minecraft Game is free to download on PC. So get the game you like!


by: Potato95 @Potato95

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