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Want to play a nostalgic game that you did when you were a child? Mario’s Nights free download is the one. Download now to your PC and enjoy the game.

Mario's Nights Free Download
Mario’s Nights


Mario’s Nights free download brings up the collection of familiar characters in Super Mario on Nintendo. In this fangame, your adorable Mario, Luigi, and Peach Princess become deadly animatronics that hunts you down to kill you.

Now, you can enjoy the ultimate five nights in the dark with Mario’s Nights. The game happens to have the same gameplay as other fangames of Five Nights at Freddy’s. You’re going to be aware of the halls by checking the cameras and walk through them safely. When you reach another room, use the CCTVs there to keep your eyes on the deadly hunters.

Luckily, Super Mario characters in this FNaF fan game don’t look too desperate to kill you. You will see the scene around is full of Mario posters and toys. But when those figures come to life, they are truly deadly. So, you’d run away before the clock hits 6am.

Graphics is one thing to compliment in this fan-made version. You will go back to your childhood, meeting the interesting figures, but now they are all in the forms of death.


by: Mayhew @M_A

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