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Mary’s Arcade Free Download brings new challenges and horror nights for fans of Scott Cawthon.

Mary’s Arcade Download is a great indie game for horror fans. You will have lonely nights with a glimmer of light.

Download the game and enter a new nightmare of the strangest animatronics!

An overview of the game

The game belongs to psonday, and anyone can download the game for free on game jolt. The game is straightforward to install, and you should experience the game on a PC with high configuration.

The game offers a strange dream, and you will face animatronics like Foxy.


Mary’s Arcade has many new features, including:

  • The game requires the player’s high concentration. You have to plan carefully and make good use of limited resources to survive the horror nights.
  • The game emphasizes short challenges, and the gameplay is addictive. The game does not build a complicated story.
  • Players use the camera system to avoid dangerous animatronics.
  • The game introduces three new animatronics, and all have the appearance of Foxy. Pink, blue and orange!


In short, the game brings a lot of new fun to fans of Scott Cawthon.

Check out Mary’s Arcade download and master the new world of horror!


by: psonday @psonday

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