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Nightmare at Charles 4 Free Download is the last story of the Nightmare at Charles series. It’s waiting for you to explore. Let’s listen to its ending chapter. You are here.

Nightmare at Charles 4

Nightmare at Charles 4 Version: 1.1.2

Nightmare at Charles 4 is the final chapter in the Nightmare at Charles series. It was created by Official_AndrewJohn100 and was released on Sep 21st, 2020.

This fangame is another version inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s. Being tagged with Mild Cartoon Violence; Mild Fantasy Violence; Realistic Violence; Animated Bloodshed, it is recommended for teenagers above only. With the familiar gameplay of click-to-point that we usually see in FNaF series, this game is not too difficult to learn.

You will play as a security guard at Charles. But some things happened in the night. It can be more than what is in your imagination. You have to complete your job as a watchman and defend yourself against the creatures hiding in the shadows. You must use every skill you have to prevent them from attacking you. Try to survive one last Nightmare at Charles.

In the latest update, the developer has fixed bugs and polished up the main menu a bit. The visual characters, the background looks better than the old one.


by: Official_AndrewJohn100 @Official_AndrewJohn100

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