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Nightmare at Charles free download will lead you to a funny place. This is where you start your game and meet some machine. FNaF Fan games will be a free collection.

Nightmare at Charles Free Download
Nightmare at Charles

About Nightmare at Charles

Nightmare at Charles free download is not that hard to use. This game can be the solution for people who want to enjoy their fear. All the details in this game have been remade in this version. And you need to check them all to bring the fear to your soul.

The main story of the game:

You will have to work for Charles’ Pizza in this game, and you own this company a big amount of money. And you have no other choice but to work for them for free. Your day job is easy, but when the night comes, things will change. You will need to play some other minigame in it to win your victory.

Nightmare at Charles also has some new features, but you will need to try them for yourself. As long as you follow some rules that we make, you will have your chance to win. Charles Rabbit will be the monster that you need to stay as far from him as you can.

FNaF Fan games is a free collection. Download it!


by: Official_AndrewJohn100 @Official_AndrewJohn100

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