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Oblitus Casa Free Download is born as a continuation of the previous stories that happened on Treasure Island. You must join now, so you don’t miss out on the fun.

Oblitus Casa

Oblitus Casa Story

Oblitus Casa Free Download is a game and part of Five Nights’ official game series at Treasure Island. The author of this game, as well as the previous games, is Radiance Team. According to information on the game’s official website, Radiance Team released Oblitus Casa as the final installment of the Five Nights at Treasure Island series.

The story of Oblitus Casa takes place about a year since the events of Treasure Island. Although there have been many events that happened, they are not enough to understand what happened in this land. The questions you ask about this land are still unanswered. That prompts you to seek and discover more. And once again, the world at Treasure Island opens up and invites you!

Oblitus Casa brings you new gameplay, better graphics, and atmospheric sound design. All of these factors will bring Five Nights at Treasure Island to its conclusion. Right now, you have the opportunity to return to the island to explore the mysteries. Join FNaF Fan games now.


by: Radiance Team @RadianceGamesOfficial

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