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Obsolete: After the Accident is the new version of the FNAF game. In the game of us, you will have to fight with seven deadly monsters. They are the machine of a restaurant, and this place was shut down a long time ago.

obsolete:after the accident download on fangamejolt
Obsolete: After the Accident

Obsolete: After the Accident Download for PC

These monsters have been changed from voice to outlook. It will not be that hard to recognize them if you ever play the scary horror FNAF. Players will be provided anything they need in this version. But don’t waste that tools to run away from these monsters. You can do more than run.

The original Fan Game has extra nights for you. Players can have the six nights where monsters start to go wild and try to take over the restaurant. These monsters will run right into you, and then you will receive all the anger of them. They also have some presents for you so take your time to look at them. You will soon find a way to kill all of these monsters.

Obsolete: After the Accident download free for all players using PC. This game can also run on mobile, but it is still working to be perfect. This will be the best game for horror game lovers, and it will soon be updated. Please take your time to give us some comments. Have fun and have a good day!


obsolete:after the accident download for pc

free download obsolete:after the accident for pc

free download obsolete:after the accident on fangamejolt

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