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Omega Custom Night: Reborn free download remake the old game and send you a new free one. Omega Custom Night will come with many stories and modes to play.

Omega Custom Night: Reborn Free Download
Omega Custom Night: Reborn

About Omega Custom Night: Reborn

Omega Custom Night: Reborn free download will be on the big side. This is where you download your game and check for new updates. We add a discord channel for you, and that is all you need to chat with other players. This game still does not have an online mode, so you can only play alone.

The story of the FNAF game:

In the horror game, a restaurant named Freddy Family Pizza, you will be the watchman of it. But you need to stay here and make sure everything is okay till the weekend. This is a place where a mudder happened.

And the cause is still undercover. All things seem to be okay, but the second comes with some strange things. Some machines start to move by themself even when you check the electrics already. So are you the only one who lives here or not? Omega Custom Night will be the answer for you.

Omega Custom Night: Reborn is one of the big games we have for you. This will be the first version, and some improvement will come later.


By: Chief_Official @CGlitchOfficial

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