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One Night at SpringTrap’s | Remastered Free Download added a lot of new things. And we will bring you this Five Nights at Tubbyland game for free on PC.


One Night at SpringTrap’s | Remastered Download is a horror world full of mystery machines. You will need to come to the game to know what and which things you have to fight. In addition, there will be some new changes that we make in the game to give you more fear.

The first thing we have in this game will be the AI setting. We change this so the monsters and machines can be more effective with the battle. You will have to spend more time and power to take any monsters down.

The Ai of Balloon Boy and the Springtrap will be higher. So you will need to read the Five Nights at Tubbyland update to know how to kill them. However, there will be some notes that you can download and read to know better about them.

One Night at SpringTrap’s | Remastered will be the horror series of games you need to download. This version will be updated in the next few weeks. If you have any ideas for this game, you can give us in the comment box. We will read them later!


by: EXsc0RD @LaRDeNGames

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