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Feel how a week prolongs, experience seven horrible nights with One Week At Springtrap (Official) free download. You don’t wait for the fear. It comes for you.

One Week At Springtrap (Official) Free Download
One Week At Springtrap (Official)

OWAS Updated Version: 1.0.0

One Week At Springtrap (Official) Free Download is based on the inspiration of FNaF. Its story centers on a spine-chilling adventure from the collapse of Frazbear’s Fright after the fire. Michael was starting to find every soul trapped in the ashes. This soul hasn’t got freedom yet and he will release them out. However, he got some problems. Some poor souls have still been trapped in Five Nights at Freddy’s because they were late to get out.

You have to play as a watchman working at the night shift in a creepy building of One Week At Springtrap (Official). Your duties simply are to secure the building until the reopening. But it not so easy as you think because the lost piece of soul is finding you. It is hidden inside a spooky animatronic called Springtrap.

You have to spend seven nights in a week to uncover the secrets behind Springtrap. You must also defend yourself against their attacks by tracking their movements with the security camera and preventing them from reaching you. Try your best to be alive.


By: oleksiy73 @oleksiy73

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