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One Withered Night At Freddy’s Remastered APK for Android brings smartphone horror and exciting challenges. You can enjoy the fun anywhere, anytime.

One Withered Night At Freddy’s Remastered for Android offers a new choice. The game features familiar animatronics and classical point-to-click mechanics. The game is based on Scott’s ideas.

Games run well on smartphones these days, and you’ll love them.

Get the game and enjoy the horror of GhostGamesX!

An overview of the game

GhostGamesX has made a great horror game. The game received a lot of attention from the game jolt community, satisfying anyone.

You can download all files here, and everything is safe and fast!


One Withered Night At Freddy’s Remastered APK has many new features, including:

  • GhostGamesX has created an exciting and beautiful storyline. If you love Scott’s series, then you’ll love this game.
  • DaRadsla has contributed a lot to the game and Beta testing.
  • Red-Rabbit-Games has made many much-needed additions to the game.
  • The game brings high-quality 3D graphics to smartphones.
  • Players use the camera to survive the horror nights with dangerous animatronics.


In short, if you like to enjoy the horror genre on your smartphone, check out FNAF for Android!


Upload by: GhostGamesX @GhostGamesX

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