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Peashooter Nights Free Download is a horror game. This game will give you the thrill of the heart that you can not get when playing games. Find out about it now!

Peashooter Nights

FNaF Peashooter Nights

Peashooter Nights Free Download features a fascinating story. In 2010, after Plants vs zombies was a considerable success, Popcap, the author of Plants vs zombies, discovered a new technology and its applicability. This new technology could bring characters in video games to life. So, they want to create a restaurant inspired by their hit game “peashooter’s garden heroes”. And they need someone on duty monitoring this place at night to make sure no one can get in. In other words, they needed a night watchman doing the watch job.

You are a big fan of Plants vs zombies Fan games, so you are ready to take this job with enthusiasm. You thought it would be great, but things weren’t going as well as you imagined! There are things out of your control! Be careful as you could be in danger at any time!

Join now in Peashooter Nights, perform quests and win tough challenges! What’s in this game will not let you down. Hope you will have fun playing games! Good luck!


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