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POPGOES 2: The Dead Forest (REVIVAL) will bring Grave Ending, a horror event, to you. In this event, you will have to stay alive in a dark forest. This is also where your game starts to get scary. Players have to wander in a dark forest where some mystery monsters live.

POPGOES 2: The Dead Forest Free Download
POPGOES 2: The Dead Forest Free Download

You can not find any safe place in this area, so the only thing you can do is run and run. The faster you run, the longer they can chase you down. But not for long, if you want to live to see the future, you must fight.

Players can make some way to live by adding things you know about the Five Nights at Freddy’s. The story will be different, but the gameplay will be the same as other games. You have five nights to find out all the mysteries about this forest. Who died here, and who did it?

There will be only one truth for you. Check for POPGOES 2: The Dead Forest (REVIVAL) Download for PC and bring this horror game to your PC.


by: Team Arctic @TeamArctic

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