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POPGOES Arcade is a horror adventure for you and your friends. This is a 16 bits game, so players can not ask for good graphics. You will be a monster who needs to find his way in this wide world. There will be many threats you need to face if you want to have your chance to live. We have a lot of new games on our page and this is only one of them. You will get this game for free but a follow will be very good for our web. Players can get new game everyday by following and keeping in touch with us.

POPGOES Arcade Free Download
POPGOES Arcade Free Download

Monsters kill weaker monsters will be the main rule of this world. So if you are a weak one, you should start to train yourself. The battle in this game will be like a board game. So players need to enjoy the fight by choosing their action of attack or defense.

You will have a Hp and Sp bar. It will represent your solid and healthy health. Each skill you use will take some Sp point of your character. FNAF minigames have also been added to this game. So that players could have more fun games to choose from.

Download POPGOES Arcade free and safe for your PC. You can check for more games like this one we have on the main website.


by: Kane Carter @KaneCarter

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