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POPGOES Finale (CANCELLED) Free Download is a postponed game. However, players will enjoy the past journey of Fritz Glade in the dark pixel world.


POPGOES Finale (CANCELLED) Free Download is a horror role-playing game. However, fans are sorry that the video game was canceled. Players will enjoy a pixel-style adventure game. Kane Carter and LSFDevelopment jointly developed the game. But that’s all over, and the game is slated for a Halloween 2018 release. Halloween has always been a black day.

The game offers a dark journey about Fritz. He is insane in a series of memories of the past. All memories are mysterious and extremely unhappy. The game is the highlight for the end of the POPGOES series.

Simon successfully dominated The Popgoes Pizzeria. Fritz became the last hope by the effort from Sec-Strings. Sec-Strings tries to communicate with WeaselWare, and POPGOES Finale (CANCELLED) presents itself as a new opportunity.

The game features a beautiful 16-bit pixel art environment. Players enjoy the vibrant chiptune soundtrack. The game has a great storyline. Players will explore each different area and learn about horror monsters.

Players will not feel the horror elements like the FNAF games series. However, the game offers horror experiences through Fritz’s memory journey.


by: Kane Carter  @KaneCarter

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