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Post-Shift: Custom Night Free Download will give a nasty dream to your PC gameplay. This could be the last Five Nights at Freddy’s you have in your horror life. The best!

About Post-Shift: Custom Night

Post-Shift: Custom Night Download will allow you to download your game without any cost. The newest gameplay we have will send you to the land of machines. They are not your friend, and if you ask, they will kill you on the final night. All you can do is pick and fight with all the machines here.

Players new skill:

have some new skills for you to use when entering this game. These skills will help you move from this night to another night safely.

Steam will allow players to distract the machines in Post-Shift: Custom Night. You shall have more time to win your fight.

Like the Power up, the skill will help you raise the energy level of your tools. And you shall have more time to fight with your enemy.

Or the Time skip will help you skip the night that you are playing. And the monsters will also be affected by this skill.
Five Nights at Freddy’s is ready for your download and installation. Have fun and see you in our world.


by: Rjac25 @Rjac25

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