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Project Animatronic (Official) Free Download is a game based on an old game called “One Night At Freddy Fazerer’s”. It seems to be the revival of this old game.

Project Animatronic (Official)

Project Animatronic (Official) Download Free Games

Project Animatronic (Official) Free Download is created by freddyfazgamer. The story takes place one year after the closing of the venue. The company decided to build “Freddy and Friends Pizza Palace” – a completely new location. To complete this job, they collect the remains of the first place and find a few broken cartoon characters to change parts at a pizza shop. They called the animatronics’ creator to work at night. But the creator knew the animatronics would turn out to be unusual at night. They could even kill her. So she installed cameras and a few other things for self-defense.

This Fan games will provide you with a monitoring system and some simple tools. You can use them to keep yourself safe from animatronics attacks. The animatronics’s goal is to destroy you. So they can reach you in many ways. It would be best if you save the power until 6 am. Be careful!

Download and experience Project Animatronic (Official) now. Are you ready? Good luck.


By: freddyfazgamer @freddyfazgamer

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