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What could be funnier than getting Project: Freddy 2 Free Download and continuing what happened in Project: Freddy Remastered. Roll on this game today.

Project: Freddy 2

Project: Freddy 2 Demo

Project: Freddy 2 starts with you lying on a checkboard floor with intensive pain. What’s in front of you is blurry. Soon as you are awake, you catch a flashlight in a hush. Then you know that it’s time to run.

The horror rises now in Project: Freddy 2. You have to be quiet while finding your way out. Get your ears up and listen to the darkness. Don’t forget to hide away from the deadly animatronics.

If you are used to any Five Nights at Freddy’s game, you’d know what to do. The cams now are your friends. They help you locate the monsters that are hunting you. The darkness will leave you breathless. And though there are cameras telling you what action the animatronics are in, you are likely to get killed before you know it.

The color of this game is quite down to black and white, giving a truly creepy feeling. Be quick at switching between cams because the monsters here move fast to where you are. You have 6 hours to survive, so good luck.


by: BubyGamer11 @BubyGamer11

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