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Project-Glowstick Free Download brings horror nights with dangerous animatronics. You are alone in the dark, and the nightmare is endless.

Project-Glowstick Download has many exciting and attractive points. You will have many minutes of entertainment with a unique map.

You need plenty of time to master the map and uncover the painful secrets of the mysterious pizzeria!

An overview of the game

The game belongs to JoeOneKnows, and the game is officially released in June 2021. The game is free and easy to install.

Get the game into your Scott Cawthon universe!


Project-Glowstick has many new features, including:

  • The game offers unique and exciting experiences. If you love Scott Cawthon’s series, then you’ll love this game.
  • The game has high-quality 3D graphics and vivid sound. It would help if you had a PC with a high configuration to enjoy the game entirely.
  • Players explore the map freely, and the darkness always has pleasant surprises for you.


In short, you should download the game and enjoy your new nightmare at your local pizzeria. Everything is not easy, but you will overcome the pain of the game.

Check out the Project-Glowstick gamejolt and get ready for a new traumatic memory!


by: JoeOneKnows @JoeOneKnows

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