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Purple Blood (Test Game) Free Download may help you bring this game to your PC. And this will be a free PC game that you need to try in the FNAF category.

Purple Blood (Test Game)

Purple Blood (Test Game) Version: 0.1.0

Purple Blood (Test Game) Free Download is nearly completed thank for the help of you. We will soon bring this game to you. So follow and make sure you get the game when this comes to your way.

This version of the horror game will be all about the story. You will have your chance to read the full story of this game. And players can be a manager not only for the restaurant but also for the fear they have. FNAF allows you to make some posters and decorate your place. You can also do the service for people coming to your restaurant.

This will be your job in the daylight. And when the night comes you will need to fight. Because there will be something coming to you. They will not be a friendly one for your gameplay. Purple Blood (Test Game) I still need some more work. And you shall need this game if you want to explore the FNAF world. Have fun and stay still for more fun games.


by: Byronstudios @Byronstudios

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