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PYRO-ILLUSION is a game made by fans. This game is not much different than the other games you have played. But once you come to the last night, you shall see the difference in it.


Five horror nights if this game is not enough for you. So we add the six-night and some PYRO-ILLUSION Characters never appear in the game. Players will have to fight to the end to get their life back. And if you have some friends, bring them with you. They can help you to win this game faster and safer. When you come to this game, you must bring anything you have about the FNAF games. You are the only one who can win the battle between you and other monsters. One wrong step will lead you to nothing but the dead. So be careful or you will soon lay down.

The horror night of Five Nights at Freddy’s will be made by monsters, fear, sound, and darkness. It all combines and gives you the feeling of a nightmare coming. Some monsters in this game are unique, and you can not find them and any other game.

Players have to fight and try all they have to take the chance to live one more day. The day after that, you still have to fight, and it will be endless night mode.


by: ddemkoo @ddemkoo

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