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Rejected Custom Night: Reborn will be the best comeback of a custom game ever. This time you will see the Rejected Custom Night with all machines that they have.

Rejected Custom Night: Reborn


Rejected Custom Night: Reborn will be more about the custom match in the game. So players will be able to make their game as they want. The graphic, sound, and also texture have been adjusted. You can now play the game and need nothing on the setting to make this game run well.

Players can check for the quality of the game in the main menu too. This game aims to give you more tools to fix your game and build your match. If there is anything that you don’t like about this game, you could ask for our help too.

Rejected Custom Night will be an entertaining game for you. This game allows you to make your battle begin with all your chosen monsters. Each machine in this game has changed some details. And you will be the one who tests their speed and power.

Rejected Custom Night: Reborn Free Download is what we call download helping. You will need this to make your game be on your PC faster. Trust us!


by: KamilFirma @KamilFirma

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