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Sans Simulator Free Download is an exciting multiplayer version. If you love team games, this is a great choice.

The game is about Sans and other interesting characters in the Undertale world. Each level is a creative challenge, and players need a lot of skill to win.

An overview of the game

The game offers tremendous challenges in the spirit of Undertale. If you love indie projects, then you should check out Toby Fox’s Undertale.

The game is a successful version of NekoGlass. You can download the game for free or find much exciting information on gamejolt – a large indie community.

The game focuses on the challenging levels of Undertale. You control the heart in the small box, and you must avoid all the opponent’s challenges.


Sans Simulator brings many exciting things such as:

  • The first multiplayer version of NekoGlass.
  • You can choose from many of your favorite Undertale characters: Toriel, Papyrus, Alphys, Sans, Asgore, or Asriel.
  • The game has many familiar challenges of the Undertale world, such as laser beams, bone fragments, rotations.
  • Each character has its attack patterns.
  • You can choose to be the victim or the attacker
  • You can choose a solo mode or multiplayer mode


In short, the game is an exciting choice if you love Undertale fangames. 

You will have a lot of fun in Multiplayer Game with your friends.


by: NekoGlass @NekoGlass

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