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Scooped! will be a low graphic horror game for you to play. But this time, we will allow you to play it online and some support from the Fangame page.

Scooped! Free Download

Scooped! Story

Scooped! is a game that brings more fun for players than fear. You can play this game along with your friend. It will not make your day worse, and it’s good for you when you are in a low mood.

In this game, players will be allowed to make some changes to the setting. These changes will help you make your game run well when your PC can not handle the game. Fangame’s website has a lot of new games like this one for you. Each one of them can make you feel even better with fun and some scary thing.

Suppose you need some more help to make this game more accessible. You can ask for our service in the main instruction of the game. This game helps players to build a sound thinking mind. This means you can have more skill, more technique to win the horror game.

There will be an update function for you in the Scooped! Free Download. You shall need this, and downloading it will be easy!


by: Wheattt @Stonebana

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