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Playing Smiles & Servos Inc. Rebooted Free Download is an opportunity to use your skills in a survival horror game. It will be a good choice for your relaxing!

Smiles & Servos Inc. Rebooted

Smiles & Servos Inc. Rebooted Story

Smiles & Servos Inc. Rebooted Free Download is one of the fangames in the survival horror game genre, created by Ooblek. The author took the Rockstar Animatronics game from Freddy Fazbear Pizzeria Simulator as the foundation and inspiration for development.

Smiles & Servos Inc. Rebooted is set as Shooting Stars Pizzeria. Shooting Stars Pizzeria is considered a revival of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza after nearly 25 years. Shooting Stars Pizzeria promises to become more attractive and exciting than ever.

No one knows what this new pizza store will contain. And you have a chance to discover those mysteries in your night watch. While exploring, you still have to keep yourself safe. Will everything be as you imagine?


  • Voice acting
  • Includes mini-games and complex cutscenes
  • Custom night increases the difficulty of the game
  • Many endings (depending on how the player plays the game)
  • A full OST
  • Lots of jumpscares will keep you excited

This amazing FNaF Fan games is ready for you to enjoy!


by: Ooblek_Official @Ooblek_Official

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