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Sonic Coffees 2 Free Download to continue the previous story. But don’t expect the cartoon to be so cute over there. Have fun with a cartoon-like fan games.

Sonic Coffees 2 Free Download
Sonic Coffees 2

Sonic Coffees 2 (canon game) Version: 2.0.2

Sonic Coffees 2 Free Download is a fangame developed by Flying Squirrel. The developer has announced a Disclaimer that their game is not a remake of Five Nights at Sonic’s. It is just a fangame of a fangame.

Sonic Coffees 2 is the next story of Sonic Coffees. In this episode, Sonic Coffees has been remodeled with newer animatronics. They are called News. And the old models will be stored in a restricted area where only authorized persons can enter. Wallace, the night guard works there, whether he will enjoy his work or not? You have to play as him in Sonic Coffees 2 to find the answer. Maybe you should remember Yellow Hedgehog and Fanmario.

There are some tips in the game:

  • The mask line up to each new animatronic’s friend, so if you know the friend, you ‘ll know what mask to use.
  • When you hear a laugh, click the box behind you.
  • Always take care of the news in this order: Shadow > Tails > Mario/Yoshi > Sonic > Amynette > Candy Toad
  • When it goes in the room, always keep the flashlight in its face, no matter where it goes.


by: Flying Squirrel @superkirbyjs

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