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Sonic Coffees is another horror game that follows the FNAF game story. This one will send players to the next level of horror fight. You will be a man who wants to be in a restaurant that has been shut down for a long time.

Sonic Coffees Free Download
Sonic Coffees

And in this place, you will need to find out what happened to the owner, the machine, and other things in it. But that will never be easy for you, so players need to learn how to win the game.

At first, you need to remember all the things that happen in this place suck as monsters come and go. They will come when midnight is on and then go when your fight is done. When you get this, your gameplay will be easier, and there will be more things to learn in this game.

Fan games and other modes for you will be free. Players need to learn all the good things in this place to keep their life safe.

Sonic Coffees Free Download is always ready for you!


By: Flying Squirrel @superkirbyjs

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