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Sweet Dreams is not a big game, but you can have a lot of things in it. Players will be thrown into some trouble. This is where they have to spend their life and fight to live. You will have five nights to find out how to get out of this scary place.

Sweet Dreams Free Download
Sweet Dreams Free Download

Then all the monsters will be released, and you will have no place to hide anymore. The main thing in this game that you need to remember will be fighting or dying like nothing. You will have some special items that can help you to win these monsters. These are tools like a flashlight and camera. You can use them to defeat monsters or find your way out of here.

Five Nights at Freddy’s 4 is a new series of horror games that you need to try. In this version, you will have all the monsters. They will try to hurt you really badly, so make sure you plan to stay away from them.

By some time and then find any clues you can to defeat them. They are strong, but they also have some weaknesses. Players will never know which monsters are coming to them until they meet them.

Downloading Sweet Dreams free is easier than you think. You can have this game now on our page.


By: Luiske @Luiske

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