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The Freddy Files will give you some new things to explore. You can check for some of this feature such as:

The Freddy Files Free Download
The Freddy Files Free Download
  • When you play this game, there will be some short saves for you. If you die in the game, you will be sent to the last checkpoint. It will help you win the game many times and do it repeatedly if you make a mistake. This feature will be free for all FNAF games.
  • We have two different kinds of graphics for you. One will be 2D, and the other will be 3D. These graphics of the FNaF fangame will allow players to have some adjustment. It helps the game run faster and go smoother.
  • There will be some help that you can find in this game. You need to take a closer look at all things about the game. Then you will see a key, a clue, or something that can help you win.
  • You can have some extra nights in this version of the game. Players can play the endless night and the six free nights. The level will be much higher than average so take your time to explore.

The Freddy Files Download Free is a good place for you to enjoy the horror game. This version will be updated for more features and good support. have fun and give us some feedback.


By: Awxthority @AwXthority

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