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If you’ve played too many horror games with similar motifs, The Glitched Attraction Free Download is a brand new game that will interest you. Try playing it now!

The Glitched Attraction

The Glitched Attraction Download Free

The Glitched Attraction Free Download is a fan game that you should definitely not miss if you are a fan of this popular series. It is a horror video game inspired by FNaF, played by Markiplier. The attraction of this game is that it includes puzzles that will challenge your wits. Your mission is to solve those puzzles and escape safely. Complete this challenge before the time ends, and you will win. However, that doesn’t seem easy at all!

As a new Fazbear Horror Attraction, The Glitched Attraction will contain popular animatronics from a familiar place – Fazbear Entertainment. Animatronics can hurt you at any moment. Therefore, you need to be highly focused. The game provides you with support tools. Wisely use available tools to prevent the onslaught of the “enemy”! Keep yourself safe through challenging nights.

This Five Nights at Freddy’s version will give you a thrill because you won’t know what’s ahead. Don’t hesitate to jump into new things in the game now! Good luck!


by: PowerLine Studios @PowerLine_Studios

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