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The Hollowed Ones is a horror game for all people who like monsters and demons with machine shells. What if your puppet turns into a living creature and all they want is to eat your soul.

The Hollowed Ones Free Download
The Hollowed Ones Free Download

What will you do to kill them, and will you make it through five nights in this horrible nightmare. There will be no one who can help you with this question, all you have till yourself. FNaF song come up every time these monsters are looking for you.

When they get too close to you, they can smell your fear and catch you. But there will be some truth they are hiding from you. Players must find out what they want and never let them satisfy that will.

The Hollowed Ones free download is easy to do for PC users. But you can download this version for your mobile too. The game’s graphics are relatively low and straightforward, so players don’t need to repair a suitable device. Updates are required, so download them for better gameplay!


by: Fredinator1 @fredinator1

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