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The Joy of Creation: Halloween Edition is a horror FNAF game free for PC to download. Find out the exit and remember to avoid attacks of scary monsters!

The Joy of Creation: Halloween Edition download for PC

The Joy of Creation: Halloween Edition

Install the new FNAF-inspired fangame on Android with the file and take part in another exciting adventure.

Some tips to play

Different from Five Nights at Freddy’s games, you are able to roam throughout areas in a dark building freely. In which, you must seek the way out and escape. Otherwise, you will be the next victim of possessed animatronics lurking there.

The desire for vengeance of these killer machines is similar to the aim of rotten animatronic mascots in FNAF. It’s recommended to stay away from them for survival.

By taking advantage of the PC and the flashlight it has, you can approach the place you want. However, you should consider your actions because they will drain the battery quickly.

Always watch your back or you can be grabbed from behind!

The Joy of Creation: Halloween Edition is a free download game for PC including typical elements from the original. To become the winner and go home, you are forced to survive first.


by: Nikson. @Nikson_Official

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