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THE RAT CAVE free download will bring you a whole new tale based on FNAF games. All the FNaF Songs remain from the earlier game. Let’s enjoy this version.

THE RAT CAVE Free Download


THE RAT CAVE free download is nearly complete. We have to add some addon to this function first. This will have you bring a good horror game to your PC. And also help you to master the game easier.

The main story:

This game is based on the old Freddy Fazbear’s pizza. The owner of this place doesn’t want to shut down all his business. And THE RAT CAVE was built to replace the last one. During the building, workers see something strange about this place. And they don’t want to work for this man anymore.

To keep this building safe, you have to stay in this place for a whole week. The money you are about to pay will be significant, so there will be no reason for you to quit this job. But this will be the last scary thing, you know. Your fate is up, and you don’t have much time to escape.

FNaF Song will be in the game, but players will have their chance to download more. Enjoy it!


by: ChrisPowellGames @ChrisPowellProductions

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