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The Tubbyland Rebuilt Collection Free Download is getting finished. You shall have these FNAF games on your PC if you visit the main page of us. The world of horror stories!

About Games

The Tubbyland Rebuilt Collection Download tells you a true story about the horror world. In this world, there will be monsters and demons. And you will need to fight with them to get your life back.

In the main game, there will be some things you need to remember:

  • You can use the flashlight to protect yourself from the machines you might face. This tool will help you to stun the machines and then get some time to run away.
  • FNAF fan games is a collection of horror games. And the main game we have will give you more fun than the last one. New updates come with new features and details.
  • In this version, you will have more than five nights to fight. And you need to complete them all to move to the final night.
  • The extra machines will come for you to appear on the final night. But they will arrive at random.

The Tubbyland Rebuilt Collection is ready, and you can now download this game. Unique and original version!


by: theresnosteak  @TheresNoSteak

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