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The Web of Cogs and Oil Free Download with a creepy storyline, will bring spine-chilling moments. Funny little Five Nights at Freddy’s minigames are awaiting.

The Web of Cogs and Oil

The Web of Cogs and Oil Version: 1.0.1

The Web of Cogs and Oil Free Download is the collection of four minigames inspired by Five Nights at Freddy’s series. In each minigame, you have to face with different creatures and situations. Be brave and wise to survive.

The Corpse

You are trapped in a walk-in freezer, the temperature is repeatedly getting lower, do not let the thermostat behind you go below 30 degrees farenheit.

In front of you a three lights and a hand crank which powers these lights. The higher the temperature the faster the lights will go out, and the more difficult it will be to power them with the crank.

The Corpse moves through the darkness, do not let all the lights go out.

The Trickster

You are equipped with a flashlight with very limited battery, use this sparingly, only to stop the trickster in his path once you hear him running around the room. Do not let him run beyond the border of your screen.

However, don’t be immediately fooled once you hear footsteps, for there are two Jack-in-the-boxes which will mimic his sounds on either side of the room.

The Machine

You are in a building that has been put on lockdown with the machine, you must unlock all doors within the building using your monitor and escape by unlocking the final door behind you.

However, be sure to keep an eye on the machine, if you aren’t looking she’ll progressively get closer. If she is too close she won’t move back, you are equipped with a taser for when she gets too close, use it as sparingly as possible.
You have four minutes and thirty seconds to escape.

The Demon

The Web of Cogs and Oil takes on your right with three candles. You must keep them all lit to keep the demon at bay, on your left is one candle, you must keep this lit or else the servant will come and blow out the demon’s candles.

On your far left is a pentagram that will progressively glow brighter, make sure that you keep it dark.


by: Vitch @LazyThePotato_Vitch

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