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The Withereds Manifest free download is made by Holopaxume for the sole purpose of making the withered animatronics become the main character.

The Withereds Manifest Free Download
The Withereds Manifest

The Withereds Manifest 1.1.2

The Withereds Manifest free download is a free fangame made for putting the withered animatronics in separate minigames. It includes Bonnie, Chica, Freddy, and Foxy. They all take their own spotlight in their minigame with different mechanics and challenges.

The The Withereds Manifest starts with Bonnie is the first animatronic you have to face. You are in a room with Bonnie going towards you. Try to check the cameras to make sure if he is close and when he disappears from the cameras, go to the corridor to put him away using your flashlight. You need to survive for 200 seconds.

The second is Chica. There is two Chicas going towards you, the Chica in the hallway on your left and the Chica in the ventilation on your right. Stop them to get towards you. Keep it up for 200 seconds.

Freddy is the next one. He will slowly open his mouth towards you and when his mouth is fully opened, he will attack you. Prevent that from happening with a hand-crank. You’ll need to survive for 300 seconds.

The final animatronic is Foxy. You’ll need to do tasks during your shift in your PC while Foxy is going towards you without any warning. Use the lever above and close the door on where Foxy is to not make him attack you immediately.

Foxy will start draining your power by banging on the door for you to stop that, press the red button below the lever and shock him behind the door, making him leave. If Foxy gets into you, try to fight him back and prevent him from attacking you. Once you knock him out, that will make him leave. You can only do this once.
Try it FNaF fan game to your best now.


By: Holopaxume @Holopaxume

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