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Those Nights at Random’s Free Download will come along with a new story. And this story will tell you about the monsters from Those Nights at Random, give nightmares!

Those Nights at Random’s for PC will bring you more and more machines to play with. These machines will kill you if you pay no attention to them. They come from nowhere and jump right to you.

There will be one way for you to win them, and that will be to fight with them. We will give you the story of this game right now:

Those Nights at Random’s game story:

The Random’s Pizza Time Theater has been built, but it is not complete yet. And you will be the one who watches this place until it is ready to have some visitors.

The night seems to be easy, and you think that you can do this world for the whole long week. But when the night comes, things change in different ways, some horror and some weird.

The machines in this place seem to have their own mind. They move and talk with no control. And seem like they want to take your soul out of your body.

Those Nights at Random’s Download will allow you to have this game on your PC and Mobile. Free!


by: Random (TNaR Creator) @Random_Official

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