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Tubbyland Act 1: Rebuilt is a remake from a fan. This horror game will deliver to you all the fear and nightmare you might have in your life. When coming to this game, you need to repair all the tools you can find. They will be the keys to your escape point. Using them is not that hard, and you can do it by yourself.

Tubbyland Act 1: Rebuilt Free Download
Tubbyland Act 1: Rebuilt Free Download

There will be some hard things for you in the game, such as finding a hiding place. These monsters are brilliant, so they will end up like you mess with them.

FNAF Games is the main page of us, and you can get this game there. You will have a camera that allows you to record and have night vision. When you get out of your office at night, you should check for these tools. It will keep you safe and find some other tools for your gameplay.

There also will be 8 different cameras for you to use. Each one will show you a corner of your place. Remember to check for them if you want to go out and get something in this place.

Tubbyland Act 1: Rebuilt Download Free is simple to do when you have a PC with you. All the features of this game will be easier to use on a PC.


by: theresnosteak @TheresNoSteak

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