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If you feel uncomfortable playing games on the computer and want to experience games on your smartphone, UCN Mobile Free Download is the perfect choice for you!

UCN Mobile

UCN Mobile Free Download

UCN Mobile Free Download is a creative mashup by FNaF. In this game, you will again be stuck alone in the office and have to protect yourself against violent animatronics.

You can customize any of your favorite characters from among the 50 animatronics spans across seven Five Nights at Freddy’s games. Create your own challenges by taking these simple steps: mix and match whatever type of character you want, then adjust their difficulty on a 0-20 scale, and it’s done. There will be two side doors, two vents, as well as two air ducts in your office. Pay attention to these places as you may be in danger!

For the last challenge, you will have to master other tools like heater, A / C, global music box, generator, etc. In addition, you need to use more skills, such as: setting up laser traps in the vents, buying items from the Prize Counter, collecting Faz-Coins, and don’t forget to follow 2. the Pirate Cove’s curtains!

UCN Mobile also includes features such as:

  • 16 diverse challenges according to each topic
  • Voiceover from favorite videos
  • Unlockable office interface

Unlockable cut-scenes


by: Viktor Nifedow @RageonNickR

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