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Ultimate Custom Night 2 (OLD GAME, GO TO NEW PAGE) Free Download brings you a new mode and new machines to play with. They will come to you; Ultimate Custom Night 2 will end your night!

Ultimate Custom Night 2 for PC is not the only game that allows you to play online. There will be many other games on our page that you can download and play. This game will allow you to meet some new machines. And there will be some new mode for you to try too.

The endless mode:

This will be the best mode we have for you. The only way for you to end this mod will be dead and dead. You can not get out until all the machines are dead, or you will be the one who is dead.

New dead voices:

When someone or something kills you in this game, you will end your battle. But after that, there will be some voices played. And that will be the new dead voice of us.

Ultimate Custom Night 2 (OLD GAME, GO TO NEW PAGE) will be the one who brings you all these voices. And they will sound so scary.

Fnaf fan games will bring this game to you for free. You can download more of them from the main page.


by: Sillinco @Sillinco

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