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Ultimate Custom Night 2 Free Download will bring you some new features. All the new ones we have will relate to the main FNAF World, the only horror dimension.

Ultimate Custom Night 2 Free Download
Ultimate Custom Night 2

About Ultimate Custom Night 2

Ultimate Custom Night 2 Download will now begin all the horror nights with fear. You can use this post as a story for your game. Read it, and you will know better about it.

We have a ton of new features for players:

  • There will be some machines that have been missing from the original FCN. But we will replace them with some other remake monster. Bigger and scarier!
  • The machines you will fight with will also come along with some new lines. They will say it when they see you or are looking for you. Explame: Freddy says You can run, but there will be no place to hide!
  • We have a big room for all the trophies you have. FNAF World allows you to get in this room and collect the needed trophy.
  • This version has a lot of new jumpscares. And you will need to avoid them if you don’t want to be scared.
    Ultimate Custom Night 2 is now ready for your download. You can come to the main page and download it.


by: TeamAbrevation @TeamAbrevation

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