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Ultimate Custom Night: Fan Game Edition free download is a fan-made game based on the globally well-received horror series Five Nights At Freddy’s.

Ultimate Custom Night: Fan Game Edition Free Download
Ultimate Custom Night: Fan Game Edition


Ultimate Custom Night : Fan Game Edition free download still keeps the familiar gameplay of click-to-point with a hint of horror and violence to bring players the original game’s feel.

But the special feature of this game is that you not only in danger with one or some animatronics. There is a dozen of animatronics from a lot of Five Nights At Freddy’s fangame gathered in a building.

And you will play as a night guard there. You must defend yourself against their attacks by using surrounding objects, tracking their movements with the security camera, and preventing them from jumpscaring you. Or not, you will get a fatality ending. Remember that the camera is taking a picture and not showing the footage. To take another picture and see it, click the camera button again.

The number of characters in the game is more than 40 animatronics including:

  • Frank, Mousekou, Rita from The Old Friends by the creator of this fangame.
  • Epitome Popgoes, Epitome Saffron, Epitome Sara, Simon from POPGOES created by Kane Carter
  • Nightmare Mousiki, Prototype, Rotten Chica, Rotten Freddy, The Security Animatronics from Fredbear and Friends: Left to Rot made by Garrett Tube
  • Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Freddy from Post-Shift by Rjac25
  • Doug, Pete, Ray from the game Those Nights at Rachel’s made by Nikson

And there are a lot more that cannot be counted. Download Ultimate Custom Night: Fan Game Edition for free and enjoy.


by: TheMPP @TheMPP

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